13 June 2011

Weekend Fun

Friday was the last day of school for students, which meant that I basically spent the whole weekend in a state of bliss--exhausted, but happy.  So there was some celebrating, and there was a lot of gluttony, and there were early nights when it would've been okay to stay up late, and late nights when I should've been to bed early (like right now).  When I remember that school's out, and then couple that with the fact that I quit my second job a couple of months ago, I can hardly contain my excitement.  For serious.

This weekend there was gin drinkin' and baby holdin' and pool swimmin' and sun bathin'.  There was ice creamin' (WTF, David Lebovitz's Peanut Butter Ice Cream!?), and cookie bakin' and phone talkin' and movie watchin', shoppin' and margaritin'*.  

I've got a few more days of work before summer officially begins, but it's so close I can taste it.  And it tastes like ice cream.  Shoot yeah for summer!

And here's what all that fun looked like.

*That's totally a thing.

June is basically a giant beast of a baby.

 Team Opal!

Mmmmmm. . .Basil's cheesy bread!

Good way to use up extra chocolate. 

 Oh, not again!

Summer reading list comparisons.

Matt twisted his ankle, so I tied an ice pack to him, making him look like one of the ballerinas on Center Stage

Mitch, protector snuggler extraordinaire.  A few of those healing dog kisses 
on Matt's ankle, and Matty will be better in no time!

Well, I should probably go put out some jeans and flips flops to wear to work tomorrow.  Oh yeah, because that'll be my uniform for the next two months.  Shoot yeah!

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