07 June 2011

This and That

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1.  This is going to be a short post because it's Sleepover Tuesday.  You know what ST looks like.

2.  Had grilled wings tonight for dinner.  If you haven't already, and if you're a lover of the chicken wing, you should def try grilled wings.  Mmmmmmmmmmmm.  Also, they provide you with an excuse to wield your meat cleaver like a crazy maniac.

3.  I am so mad at Anthony Weiner.  SO MAD!  Is it really that hard NOT to chirp a picture of your junk to a woman you're not married to?!?!  F'ing idiot.

4.  Today (it's the last week of school, people!), my students were looking for some pictures to color.  After a couple of minutes on the world wide web I was able to provide them with these coloring sheets (um, because they were already finished with their final exams and other very hard-core assignments).  Ha!  The captions that they provided were. . .fantastic. (One may have had to do with the fact that Ms. Eakle eats babies.)

5. I am a master at beating the hiccups.  All you have to do is think about the hiccups.  Focus.  Seriously.

6.  Matt has started to watch the local news, which means that I now watch the local news.  Note: the local news is weird and kind of trashy.  The only redeeming factor is that one of  the anchors wears a bow tie.

7. Three more days of school.  Three days.  I can do it.

That is all.

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