15 June 2011

This and That

Hey there, party people.  The blog has been as boring as Andie MacDowell lately, huh?  Shoot.*  Sorry about that.  But I've got some things to share as I near the summer summer summer tiiiiiiiiiiime.

1.  The best thing about teacher workdays is that we can go out for lunch every day.  It's also kind of the worst thing about teacher workdays, because then you start to think that just because you can go out to lunch, you have to go out to lunch.  Oh well.  So what if I've eaten at Pub 29 twice this week? THEY HAVE TOTS!

2.  A cute dog provides a lovely foot elevation ramp.

3.  Totally went to a wine tasting the other night just because it was free.  If I was not being so damned lazy right now, I'd do a whole post on the event, on how it was in a weird blast from the past kind of room called The Rebel Room, a brick-walled, carpeted room adorned with large photographs and paintings of Confederate generals.  And how my good teacher friend decided that we needed to be taking notes on the wines that we drank (see below), and how I was tempted to ask how much it would be to buy a box of one of the wines. And how the people there were really pretentious and how I accidentally broke a glass even though I'd only had like two sips of wine.  I mean, that's pretty much it in a nutshell.  Oh, and there was cheese, too.

4.  MY GOD IT IS HOT OUTSIDE!  And it's going to be this way until November.  Also, apparently we are in a drought.  That sucks.

5.  Everyone here at M Cubed loves Sleepover Tuesdays, the night each week when Cassie comes over to stay.  Last night, I thought I heard her pull up, and said something to Mitch along the lines of "Is Aunt Cassie here?" except that she wasn't here yet.  Mitch ran to the door and whined for about 10 minutes until she actually did show up.  And then I let him outside and he ran around like a rabid racing puppy.  Also, Mitch is cute.

6.  Still cute.

7.  Last night's Sleepover Tuesday was a lazy one, so we ordered pizza instead of cooking.  The best thing about ordering pizza (well, second best thing, I guess, since the actual best thing would be the pizza itself)?  The Domino's pizza tracker set to romance novel theme.

8.  Made these super chocolate chunk cookies this weekend.  Again, if I was being a real go-getter I'd do a whole post about them, and tell you about how they're basically perfect and delicious and packed with chocolate.  And how they make some pretty damn good ice cream sandwiches when paired with peanut butter ice cream.  But I'm being lazy.  Make these if you've got people to please.  You will then succeed at the people pleasing.  Just make sure that you've got people to share them with, lest you accidentally eat an entire batch in one sitting and then feel so sick that you don't ellipt for four days.

9.  I was in a cranky mood today until Ann called me up and said there was a big sale at Gap and that I should join her in a shopping adventure.  And even though I have more clothes than I will ever need, I decided that perhaps buying something new and pretty would make me less cranky.  It pretty much worked when I found this cute shirt for $12.  I could totes wear that to someone's house for dinner or to the club to show off my club moves or to school if I was going to cover it up with a fancy powerful woman jacket.

10.  And, finally, the Humane Society in Savannah is giving away kittens--with shots and vet visits and spayed/neutered and everything!  No fees!  I told Ann during today's shopping trip that her girls need a kitten and she said that if I got them a kitten she'd never forgive me.  Silly Ann!  I wasn't going to get a kitten; I was going to get three kittens.  I wouldn't want the girls to fight over them.  That's much more forgivable, right?  Right?

Hope your week is full of pizza and cookies and friends and kittens and a dog.  Seriously, why am I even cranky?

*Caitie and I are co-founders of the Andie MacDowell anti-fan club.  Ugh!  So dull and boring and always playing the same wet blanket character!

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