19 June 2011

Love and Marriage

Matt:  Oh, and we're gonna make lunch tomorrow; we're not going out to lunch.

Mandy: We're gonna make love tomorrow?

Matt: Make lunch.*

*It should be noted that Matt is a mumbler and Mandy is hard of hearing.


[while reading a Facebook status update]

Matt: . . .infamously cool. . .

Mandy: Wow, that's the first time I've ever read something faster than you did.

Matt: I read it twice.

This is the second thing that comes up when you type in "infamously cool" on Google image search.


  1. I love your love and marriage.

  2. was that my status? or is my unknowing best friend (ie someone else that uses the "infamously cool" phrase) lingering on the interwebs?



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