26 April 2010

American Ambassador

Last night Matt and I were watching a story on 60 Minutes about, basically, why some Muslims hate Americans.  (That was way too brief.  You can read about the whole thing here.)

So, the 60 Minutes lady asks a bunch of young Muslim kids, "I sense a lot of anti-Americanism.  Is that correct?"  And one of the Muslim kids responds, "Give us one reason why we should love America."  And Matt shouts out, "GEORGE CLOONEY!"

And, you know, his answer gets better and better the more you think about it.

So, on this glorious Monday morning, I give you pictures of our greatest American Ambassador, a Mr. George Clooney.

(Mr. Pitt is easy on the eyes as well.)

Ahhhh, now there's a way to start a week.

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