24 April 2010


I love them, but I will admit that every time they start I initially believe they're a drive-by shooting.

Mitch hates them.  He never gets past the drive-by shooting part.  He usually barks and howls throughout the show.

Now, here's what they look like from the Carport Bistro.

Man, is it hard for me to get good pictures of fireworks!

My favorite fireworks are the cracklin' sizzlin' ones.  I love that sound.  What are your favorites?

I was going to tell you some fun story about fireworks, but I'm grumpy because I woke up feeling like shit for the fifth day in a row, and it's not even because of wine.  Plus, I'm off to serve Savannah's finest for the next few hours, which means that I'm missing some of Savannah's fun Saturday events, like Sidewalk Arts Festival.  Oh well. 

This day's probably going to get worse before it gets better.  Maybe if I start it off with some Chick-Fil-A it'll change direction?

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