12 April 2010

Taco Seasoning and Flat Learning Curves

So, last night was taco night at our house.  Mmmmmmmmmmmm. . .taco night.  Here's our basic taco spread (you may note the absence of tomatoes; neither Matt nor I are big fans of them.  The hatred that we share for tomatoes is one of the reasons that we decided to marry.)  You may notice that there's a bag of frozen strawberries on the table.  No, these aren't special fruit tacos.  We're not hippies.

Nothing special, right?  No, not really, except that we made and were using Homemade Taco Seasoning (part of my effort to reduce the amount of sodium in our diets), and we were using the newest addition to our family, the All Clad chef's pan that Matt's mom gave me for my birthday.

I'll forever be impressed by this pan and the way it heats evenly.  It's basically a magic pan.  So, while Matt was cooking up our taco meat (and had been at it already for 10-15 minutes), I decided to swoon over the pan a little, and to test out how the pan heats, so I just grabbed the side of it, burning the crap out of my fingers.  (Thus the bag of frozen strawberries.)  There was some swearing that happened.

What's so frustrating about this little episode is that it's about the one millionth time I've touched something that I know is hot, just to see how hot it is.

Matt just shakes his head and wonders if he really should have married someone just because she also didn't like tomatoes.


  1. How come you guys didn't have Taco Night when I visited? Mopey sad face.

  2. It's not really that impressive a meal. I think we had better stuff than that when you were here.



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