21 April 2010

Cupcake Kitchen

I'm not terribly good at window treatments (or home decorating in general--like I've mentioned before, our house is slightly more sophisticated than a dorm room).  I'm not good at figuring out how to make curtains look good, and I'm way too cheap to invest money in good ones.  I'll deal with it.

But I have been looking for some kind of curtain for our kitchen window, mostly because we've had new neighbors move in next door and our houses are REALLY close together.  When I stand at the kitchen sink and look out the kitchen window, I'm essentially staring into an eight-year old girl's window.  Fortunately, she has curtains.  (But the other day I was pacing around the driveway chatting away on the phone when she stood right in her window, behind those curtains, and stared at me.  This kid's like eight, and has apparently watched a lot of scary movies.  I almost shit my pants.) 

So I want something to put in the window for those times I do dishes topless (which I hardly ever do), and to protect me from the creepy little git next door.  (I jest; she's probably fine.)

I was going to use the fun fabric that I found at IKEA, but that would 1.) require some sewing technique, and 2.) be really busy-looking.  Plus, I couldn't figure out exactly where to cut into the print. 

Crisis averted.

When Cassie came over last night to wolf down some Domino's (yeah, pizza tracker!) and to develop an addiction to MTV reality television, she was bearing gifts--super super cute cupcake kitchen towels from IKEA.  !!!!!!

They're fun, and all a little different. 

And we had an  idea.

IKEA cupcake kitchen towel curtains.  Let's do it.

So today I stopped by my local Target (because apparently my body will cease to function if I do not go there at least 6 times per week) and picked up some of those little curtain clips.

Now, I should have ironed these first, but check out how fun!

They're like the sassy first cousins to this cupcake collage I hung in the kitchen a few weeks back:

Aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnd. . .now I'm hungry.

Enjoy your Thursday.  I'll be spending my Thursday at home, eating yogurt and ice cream, because apparently trying to talk over thirty ninth graders at a time about Shakespeare while they chatter away will make an already-sore throat feel even worse.  It's either that or Ebola.

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