26 April 2010

I Like Pina Coladas.

But I don't really like getting caught in the rain.  My hair gets all frizzy.
Why is this song so good?

I have a secret desire for Matt and I to join eHarmony just to see if it would match us.  I mean, by every other measure--and by that I mean Cosmopolitan's bedside astrologer and the Myers Briggs personality test--we are a perfect match.  He's the Leo to my Aries; he's the INTP to my ENTJ; he reads the directions of recipes while I chop stuff up; we both change lyrics of pop songs to be about Mitch.  Not to boast, but things on this end are good, content, interesting. 

But I know that Matt and I will never join eHarmony because it's a damned can of worms and we do possess at least a shred of common sense.*  Plus, what if it matched me up with George Clooney and Matt up with Beyonce and then we found ourselves in a pickle? 

Earlier tonight we wrote our own version of the pina colada song, and, not surprisingly, it had way too much to do with Mitch.

*I also won't find out my IQ score because I'm afraid that it won't be high enough to satisfy me.  Instead, it's likely a 75, and I'll have to go to some special school to learn how to re-tread tires.

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