16 April 2010

SNL Charades!

Last night I was watching one of those SNL: A Look Back on How Important and Influential We Are shows, and I was thinking to myself, "Man oh man.  SNL sure does like to pat itself on the back."  (Full disclosure, so do I.  You should see how well I minced garlic tonight.  I have Hung-like knife skills!)  But, you know, I'm okay with SNL being a little into itself, because that shit's funny 65% of the time.  And when it's really funny, it's worth putting up with that Gilly sketch (formerly known as Mary Catherine Gallagher).  So I'll deal.

The show was also tolerable because it played some of my favorite skits from the last few years. (Justin Timberlake being Beyonce's backup dancer, Mark Wahlberg talks to animals, Laser Cats, etc.)  Unfortunately, I couldn't find good clips of these online (is this what that writer's strike was all about?), so you'll just have to rely on your memory.

Not long ago, Matt was flipping through channels and came across Jimmy Fallon's show, with Tina Fey as the guest, and they were playing charades against another very funny pair.  Hint: one of these people is my SNL boyfriend, and is the next big thing.

It's Saturday.  Watch; enjoy; play charades.

But if you try to steal Seth Meyers away from me I will fight you with a knife.

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