13 April 2010


Since today was a furlough day, I was bound and determined not to do anything school-related*.  Instead, I slept until 11:30, did some productive household stuff, went to the post office to see my post office boyfriend Byron (and also to mail a couple of packages), lunched with Matt, napped in the sun at Forsyth, read Cook's Illustrated, met up with Collin, got some gelato, and relaxed in the new and improved Ellis Square. 

It was just one of those perfect days (if only the day hadn't cost me a couple of hundred dollars!).  The azaleas were out of control beautiful. There were tourists and kids and parents and old people.  There were old tourists.  Everyone was happy, smiling, enjoying the glory that is Savannah in the springtime. 

And there were prostitutes.  Whaaaaaaaaaaa?

Yeah, as I inhaled my gelato on a waffle cone, I looked over to see this:

Good thing I had my camera.

And she wasn't done.  (Unfortunately, I was laughing too hard to get the ones where she completely arched her back, in what may have been the sexiest, uh, I mean, trashiest, pose of all time.)

Bitch had some guy taking pervy pictures of her in the middle of the square on a Monday afternoon!  I can hear the carriage tour guides now: "To the left you'll see Ellis Square.  Just a few short years ago this was a parking lot. . .and that. . .well, that's a vagina."  Real classy, prostitute girl.

But a few of the tourists didn't seem to mind.

How was your Monday?  Do any modeling?

*Also, I'm crazy efficient when I'm at school, and turned my grades in on Friday afternoon when they weren't even due until Tuesday morning.


  1. I love how at the bottom of this post, it says, "YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE..." then a picture of me!

    Too hilarious!!!

  2. Ha! I don't remember putting the "hookers" tag on the post about you!



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