15 April 2010

Artsy Fartsy

Man, I wish I was more artsy.  I'm not.  I'm not musical, either. (Unless you want to count my uncanny ability to predict what songs obnoxious drunk people will sing at karaoke.)

 Everything I know about art I learned in Randy Richardson's AP European History class (and he lied a lot) and an art history course at JMU taught by a guy who reminded me of Will from Will & Grace.  My art knowledge is far superior to Matt's, though, I think because he's colorblind and retarded when it comes to anything having to do with spatial relations.  It's nice to have another category that I'll be able to dominate Matt in while watching Jeopardy! (other categories that I dominate: the Bible, fashion, Olympic cities.  And he owns me in pretty much everything else.).  When in doubt, I like to guess Gauguin.

My favorite piece of art is The Thinker, only because I saw it when I was seventeen (and on assignment for previously-mentioned Randy Richardson) and went to the Baltimore Museum of Art with my mom.  When we walked into the room with The Thinker, I was in awe.  First of all, that thing's pretty big.  Second, it looks WAY more real than you would think.  I kept standing so that my face was right under his fist, looking up, getting freaked out, and then running away.  I did that about ten times, and then my mom was embarrassed and made me leave the room.

This video reminds me of that time Maureen and I and some other friends went to the National Gallery, and she made us walk all around that damned museum just to find her favorite painting, Mound of Butter.  After walking around for about two hours, we asked one of the guides where we could find it.  Oh yeah, we couldn't, because that shit was in storage.

Here's a game: how many of the paintings in this video can you identify? (artists will work, too)

Annnnnnnnnnnnd. . .GO!

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