28 April 2010

Yay for Jenna!

Happy graduation to Ms. Jenna, who graduates from Florida State this week, and who makes me feel very, very old.

Jenna is Tanya's younger sister, and was about 8 when I met her.  She's great.  She's funny.  She's wry.  She's smart as shit.  She's pretty and also has a tapeworm.  I love me some Jenna.  And little Jenna graduates from college this week with some science degree that I don't understand.

And I love her.

And I wish her the best.

Jenna, may you have a few years of being completely broke (if only to make you appreciate the value of a dollar).  May you drink irresponsibly and then responsibly. May you find a job in a field you love--a job that will sometimes make you cry because you care so much--but a job that is rewarding and makes you feel valuable.  May you get a dog and love it to the ends of the earth.  May you learn to cook massive amounts of food.  May you do better than all of us who came before you did, if only to say that you learned from our stupid mistakes.  May you find contentment and  happiness in life, and may you keep making us laugh with your antics. 


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