14 April 2010

I Am Engorged with Venom.

No, not really.  Although I did go to the Victory Drive Kroger at 8:00 tonight, and if that experience doesn't cause one to hate the world then I don't know what will.  I want to send Jamie Oliver to that store to criticize people for the lack of veg in their carts. 

But back to Glee

Was it just us, or were there too many songs in this one?  Geez oh Pete!  There were three full-length songs in the first twenty minutes.  Shooooooooooot.  Matt lamented that perhaps the show was devolving into a musical with just a little bit of plot instead of a dramedy with a little bit of music.  Any thoughts on that?

And what did you think about the girls' dresses in the "Hello, Goodbye" number?

They made me think of these dresses:

And that made me smile, and made me forget all about Kroger.


  1. too many songs? pshhhhhh it was a fantastic ep!

    Sweaters make her look homeschooled.

  2. You're right. It was a good episode, but the last half was much stronger than the first, in my opinion.

    Did you think the director of Vocal Adrenaline looked like Rachel?

  3. How can there be Too many songs in Glee?! I loved it and I loved that the theme was so obvious! :)



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