28 October 2009

The Haunted

Me: I'm pretty sure a ghost just touched me.

Matt: You're sure it wasn't Mitch?

Me: No, it wasn't Mitch! The ghost touched me on my back, and Mitch is on the floor. And it wasn't you; you're in the other room. If it's not you and it's not Mitch, must be a ghost.

Matt: Yes, that is the only reasonable explanation.


  1. I laughed out loud at this. And then told my roommate. Who laughed out loud.

  2. Stupid Matt, always trying to be logical.

    Doesn't he know Savannah is a haunted city, and that Halloween is fast approaching?

  3. Whenever anything weird happens, we blame it on Grandma Turner. I would bet she'd think it was funny to creep you out too. hahaha

  4. I hope it's Grandma Turner! She is the best! I'll just start talking to her next time a ghost touches me.



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