07 October 2009

More Wisdom from Grandma Carol

Sorry about the lack of posting. I'm in the middle of a tired, cranky, overwhelmed-by-work-and-life kind of week. How many weeks until June? How many years until retirement?

Since anything I write right now will be hateful, venemous, I leave you with another gem from Grandma Carol.

"I have learned over the years to be very specific when sending Grandpa to the store. Requesting lettuce has resulted in cabbage, and all pasta is "noodles." He is adamant about JIF peanut butter and I insist on Puffs, as opposed to Kleenex! Those decisions were clear in the first couple years of our marriage. Other things remain somewhat foggy and blurred. He also has the 'man mentality' of not asking for help in finding things, or asking directions. What is that about anyway? Some things never change! That is true, not just a saying. (idiom?)"

The good news is that tomorrow is Thursday and the next day is Friday, and every bad week has to end sometimes. Also, my grandma is pretty funny and my husband is a good grocery shopper.

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