10 October 2009

Seth Meyers Is the Next Big Thing!

When we first moved to Savannah, Tanya and I would loyally watch SNL. I quickly became enamored with Seth Meyers, and proclaimed time and time again: "Seth Meyers is the next big thing!" In some ways, I was right. He is the head writer, and he is dashing.

Still, every time Seth graces our TV screen, I shout out, "The next big thing!" Matt just shakes his head. If Tanya was here, she'd be shaking her head, too. They lack the ability to see into the future, apparently.

And this is how you know he's superior. I give you last Saturday's Eeyore joke.

In case you missed this last Saturday, here it is. If you saw it on Saturday, watch it again. It's just that funny.


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