29 October 2009

See Ya!

Wouldn't wanna be ya!

We were full of glee last night when douche bag Mike got the ax. Hip-hip--horray!


  1. As soon as I saw those leeks I knew he was toast.

    And speaking of glee, Glee was not on last night because of baseball. That show hasn't lived up to it's pilot episode, and yet I'm still watching.

  2. WhyTF is Robin still on the show? If she tried to "mom" Eli again, I'm going to have a problem...

  3. Robin sucks. I have to admit, though, that I was happy to see her stay longer than Mike, only because I knew how much he would hate it. She's next, I do believe.

    I'm liking Glee. We're a few episodes behind right now. I wish it was darker, but I guess it wouldn't get as big an audience if it did.

  4. There were no tears shed in my house when Mike was cut! See ya, sucka. I too enjoy that Robin outlasted Mike only for the fact that I knew he would be bitter about it and feel cheated. Mike did a chat on the Washington Post online yesterday....still a douche.

    I like Glee :)

  5. Ah, thanks. I missed this last fifteen minutes of this week's episode.

    It always seems like there's always one person who somehow manages to be terrible and make it into the top 5 or 6 on Top Chef. Mike from the first season was still my favorite in that regard.... He's still the only person to use part of his food budget on beer for himself. Classic.

    I hate Robin. She's annoying even in three second intervals. That's incredibly difficult to do.

  6. I didn't watch the first season. I think started watching in the third--the one where Hung won, I believe.

    Robin is super annoying. I hope she's gone next week. I think the producers are keeping her around just to aggravate the other contestants.



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