02 September 2010


First, let's all wish Caitie a happy birthday!  Welcome to 29, Cait.  It's bitchin'.  You'll love it.

Now, today is special for another reason, too.  (And I'm so jealous that Caitie gets to share a birthday with such a momentous occasion.)  Today, friends, is 9-02-10.  Oh yes.  As in, Beverly Hills 90210.  You know, the greatest show to ever grace television. 

I was in the fifth grade when 90210 premiered.  It aired on Thursday nights, and, full of angst and nervous delight, I would wait all week for a new episode.  Now, I wasn't allowed to watch 90210.  My parents believed that watching such a marvelous show would turn me into some roofie-inhaling skank, so they forbade me from watching it.  As you might guess, this was during their fundamentalist Christian phase, when they sent me to Baptist school and we went to church multiple times per week.  Fortunately for me, my parents went to a Bible study on Thursday nights, so I could watch it without them knowing.  Praise Jesus! 

Omigod it was so awesome.  The clothes, the drama, the premarital sex, the sideburns, the cars, the accidental gun deaths, the blind piano tutors, the affairs, the trips to Mexico, the music, the bangs! 

Some of my favorite 90210 moments include:
  • When Kelly and Brenda wore the same dress to prom
  • When Brenda got into the car accident in Brandon's car and thought she had given that old woman whiplash, only to discover later that the woman was a con artist
  • The Peach Pit.  I love Nat. 
  • That time that Dylan cheated on Brenda with Kelly while Brenda was in Paris, and Brenda kept listening to "Losing My Religion" and when Brandon asked why she said that that was the song that was playing the first time that she and Dylan broke up, and she thought that was the worst that she'd ever feel, except that now that they were broken up a second time she'd give anything to feel that way again. Watch it. It'll make your day.

  • That time that the nerdy boy Scott accidentally killed himself with a gun on the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack

  • That time that Donna caught her mom cheating on her dad and Kelly brought Color Me Bad to sing to her at the Peach Pit so that she would cheer up.  (Oh, the hair!  Oh, the jewelry!)

  • That time that Donna got drunk before prom and then wasn't allowed to participate in graduation activities.  DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES!
  • That time Dylan's dad exploded.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  • And, last but not least, the musical stylings of a Mr. David Silver

Oh, what a glorious show!  I am, of course, forgetting about a million other clips of awesomeness.  What's your favorite 90210 moment? 

(ALSO, Matt's favorite sports writer and 90210 nut, Bill Simmons, is devoting an entire podcast to the show today.  You should be able to download the podcast here.)

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  1. Favorite 90210 moment was definitely Kelly and Dylan under the stars, beach, sleeping bags, pizza, "Damn I wish I was your Lover" by Sophie B. Hawkins



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