26 September 2010

Amazing Race Watermelon Face Smash


If you have a case of the Mondays, just watch this video and be happy that, more than likely, a watermelon won't smash you in the face today.  (If you're at work, watch it on mute.  The volume isn't really necessary.)

 Anyway, there's a dearth of cool teams on this season of the Amazing Race.  Matt and I did what we always do with competitive reality TV shows, and each picked two teams after the introductions.  I have the cool girl doctors.  There's a 75% chance that they'll win.

And the Princeton A Capella boys (a choice I'm already regretting).  Matt says they're the 'Nard Dawgs.  And, no, the one on the right is not Harry Potter.  If he was Harry Potter, perhaps he'd be able to conjure up some navigation skills.

Matt has Chad and Stephanie (a choice he's already regretting), the newly dating couple who just bought a house together.  He's a former football player and a giant tool, and he's planning on proposing during the race.  She's nicknamed "Tinkerbell," which makes me dislike her.

And the beach volleyball players.  There's not really much to dislike about them.  They're nice and smart enough and competitive without being obnoxious.  If my girl doctors don't take the victory, these girls might.

Do you watch Amazing Race?  Who do you want to win?  Do you want to go play with a watermelon slingshot?

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