01 September 2010

A Message from the Future?

Yesterday Matt got an email alerting him about a Facebook message he'd received.  Here's the message.

Okay.  Let's address this.
  1. We do not know anybody named John Appleby.
  2. We do not know anybody who knows John Appleby.
  3. I am not with child.
I am so confused right now.  I mean, Matt and I have been pro-baby for 24 days, which is a record.  Basically, I've been possessed by biology.  It could still go away--school will often do the trick--but so far this year I'm even finding ninth graders adorable.  WHAT HAPPENED?

It's a sickness.

So, here's what I'm thinking.  Maybe John Appleby was writing to Matt from the future, because in a few months they'll become friends.  And in the future I'll go by Amanda instead of Mandy, you know, because of the newfound maturity or something.  That's a reasonable explanation, right?  More reasonable than the idea that perhaps there's someone else out there with Matt's name?

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