29 September 2010

Matt and Mandy Discuss Politics

Okay, so, yeah, I'll be voting for Roy Barnes.  I already did once, and--barring emergency surgery or death--I'll be voting for him again.  I'll vote for him in spite of this commercial. 

Good thing the competition's so riciculous.  Otherwise, we could end up with someone even worse.  Ugh.  


  1. The sad thing is that commercial sums up exactly what Roy Barnes thinks of the voters of this state: ignorant bumpkins... and while I don't completely disagree with that assessment, I do remember Roy Barnes last tour through the governor's office. He's the quitessential politician. He'll tell whatever lie he has to to win an election and then conveniently forget it the next day. His campaign promises in this race are laughable....

    but he's still slightly better than Deal. Argh, democracy just doesn't work. If only there were a Death Party candidate on the ballot.... sigh.

  2. Death Party! I forgot about that! Where's our list?

  3. Weren't you secretary? D'OH! Back to square one! And we had another member interested in joining, too.

    Man, this is why there are only two political parties in this country.



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