05 September 2010


Almost two weeks ago, Cassie brought me this pretty bouquet of flowers (in JMU colors!). 

They lasted for a pretty long time, but then a few of them were starting to bite it.  I'm cheap, though, and managed to take that one big beautiful bouquet and turn it into three smaller ones.

They make me really happy. 

(I'm especially enamored with the sunflowers, which take me back to about 1994, when I loved anything and everything sunflowers, and wanted to do my entire room in sunflower yellow and hunter green and I even had an ankle-length spaghetti-strap dress with sunflowers on it that I wore over a little white baby tee.  Oh, the '90s. . .such a simple and hideous time.)


  1. Haha... I think we were all obsessed with sunflowers in those days. I had a white bucket hat with a giant sunflower on the front. It probably would have looked great with your dress!

  2. A hat that looked like Blossom would've worn it? I had some of those, too. I think I bought them at Claire's.



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