25 December 2009

Merry Mitchmas!

Hope you have had a wonderful, relaxing, drama-free day. Ours certainly has been. I woke Matt up at 10:30 to open presents, and then when we were done (and we got some pretty cool loot) we went back to bed until 1:30. It was awesome.

Since we don't usually spend Christmas with family (opting instead to visit with them during the summer when we have more time and fewer "let's make this a perfect moment" expectations), we've started some Christmas traditions of our own.

First, we sleep in. That's crucial, and since we don't have human children, we relish our opportunities to sleep well into the afternoon.

Second, we eat a lot. Isn't this everyone's tradition?

Third, we listen to David Sedaris's "Santaland Diaries" and call friends and family to hear about their days and wish them cheer.

Then we go to the movies. This year we saw Up in the Air. It was pretty great, and did a good job of washing out that nasty aftertaste from Avatar. Oh, and I think I've had a crush on George Clooney for about half of my life now. That man sure is handsome!

After the movie, fat and lazy, we return home to eat more and more.

This year, I'll make Matt watch these commercials over and over again.

How was your day? Any awesome gifts or traditions that I'll want to steal?

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