19 December 2009

Mitchmas Decor

Meant to post this about a week ago. Here is more of our Mitchmas decor.

This is from our first married Mitchmas tree. Once I bought a woodburner I kept trying to find uses for it. . .

It kind of reminds me of Pacman.

I LOVE white Mitchmas lights.

Stockings are hung by the chimney with care. . .

. . .in hopes that--oh shit, I don't believe in Santa--uh, St. Mitcholas soon would be there.

I am completely obsessed with my advent calendar. It was at Target several years ago, and with the price tag of a whopping $40 was too much for me to pay. But then I worked a really horrible restaurant shift, and any time I work a horrible restaurant shift, I get to blow all of the money made during that shift on unnecessary items (the reason I own a Malibu Barbie, the reason I bought all of my friends in college roller skates, etc.). This was one such item, and every time I pull it out of the Mitchmas boxes I feel warm and fuzzy inside. I think I want a similar calendar for the month of March, only with 27 pretty little boxes. And I think Matt should fill each box with a different precious gem.
Uh huh, yeah. That'll happen.
Another favorite Mitchmas decoration is this glass block light in the bathroom. My mom made it with leftover glass blocks they had around the house (bathroom remodel), and some crazy drill bit. Nothing fancy: just a glass block, some lights, and some of that ribbon swag stuff I bought. But it sparkles and shines and is just the right amount of light.

But Mitchmas wouldn't be complete without two of our favorite characters, Salty Snowman and Pepper Penguin. Oh, seasonal salt and pepper shakers. Oh, alliteration.

Oh, and if you want to be envious--especially those of you who are buried under massive amounts of snow--know that I am COMPLETELY finished with Mitchmas tasks. No more shopping, no more trips to the post office, no more school, no more wrapping. No more stress.
I envy your weather; you can envy my productivity.
(And do you have all of these same Mitchmas decorations, Carly, my Mitchmas twin?)


  1. I . . . um . . . I own the penguin pepper shaker. (The salt shaker I have is a penguin with a Santa hat.)

    I swear to God I'm not stalking you.

  2. Ha ha ha. I think this just shows that we are--and have been for many years--Target addicts.

    Remember Photo Boy?

  3. Photo boy . . . I think so. Was that some cute guy at the Target photo booth? I would never have remembered that if you hadn't mentioned it.

  4. Yeah, he was cute until he dyed his hair blonde. It was unfortunate.



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