22 December 2009

Ornament Crisis Averted

This year we suffered a tragedy in our home. We had to say goodbye to a dear friend, the Big Pink Ball.

Big Pink Ball had been a gift from Tanya several years ago, and held a special place in my heart. She was bright and happy, had a sparkle about her, and was larger than life in everything she did up until the very end.

Big Pink Ball even had her own special box to protect her from January through November.

Sadly, this year when I pulled her out to give her a special place on the tree, clumsy stupid me dropped her onto the hardwood floor. And she tried to hang on; she didn't shatter at first. But then she rolled a few feet and just gave in. There were little pieces of Big Pink Ball all over the floor.

I just stood there, in shock, with my shoulders slumped and my bottom lip out.

And after we gave her a proper burial, I set out to find a replacement. I came home with this, Pretty Flower Lantern. She made me happy, too, and was not only happy and optimistic like Big Pink Ball had been, but also reminded me of the Carport Bistro.

But something just wasn't quite right.

Thankfully, Tanya saved the day. Without knowing about the Big Pink Ball tragedy, she mailed a package to us that contained this one.

It's perfect! And I know Big Pink Ball is looking down on us from above smiling.

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