11 December 2009

She did a bad, bad thing.

So, I've got this friend who, for privacy purposes, we'll call "Shecky." Shecky is having a rough day. Shecky works at a university and is very professional. Shecky did a bad thing today.

You see, Shecky has worked at this university for about a year, and for the that year minus about 10 minutes, has been in love with her coworker named, uh, "Larry." (She's like Laura Linney's character, Sarah, in Love Actually, who is in love with Karl. Only Shecky's story is much more humiliating.)

But Larry had a girlfriend.

Larry had a girlfriend.

But he doesn't now. Because he and Shecky have become buddies through the course of the year, and Shecky recommended to him that if he wasn't happy with the girlfriend, he shouldn't be in the relationship. He took Shecky's advice.

He broke up with the girlfriend!

And this morning, he told Shecky about it. Shecky was so happy.

Larry mentioned that he was bored now, and didn't know what to do with himself now that he has so much extra time.

Shecky, of course, botched the opportunity to say something smooth. Shecky often botches opportunitites to say something smooth.

Later, Shecky left a voicemail for Larry, and "smoothly" mentioned that he could call her if he was bored over the weekend, because she often finds herself bored as well.

And she was so proud of herself!

So proud, that she immediately sent an email to another coworker that read: "I totally just asked Larry out over voicemail. Oops!"

But Shecky didn't send it to her coworker.

She sent it to Larry.


What is Shecky to do? How can we help her get Larry the way Sarah got Karl?

(Besides making sure she never answers phone calls from family members in the midst of making out. . .)


  1. Sarah didn't actually get Karl. They had one night of heavy kissing and an interrupted, aborted attempt at sex. But they never ended up doing anything else. Afterwards nothing but awkward tension between the two.

    I'm sure you want Schecky to get passed the Sarah-Karl point with Larry.

  2. ummmm, so did Larry respond?

  3. F'ing Drew. You know, Sarah would have had Karl for a long time had she not answered the phone when her brother kept calling. This should serve as a lesson to all of us to screen our calls.

    Mary, as far as I know, Larry has not responded. But I haven't talked to her in a few days. Eek!

  4. I think the lesson to be learned is also try not to have needy people in your life b/c guys like Karl don't understand (apparently).



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