17 December 2009

Sooooooooooo, Christmas just hit me like a ton of bricks. Apparently, Christmas is fast approaching, and while I have completed my shopping, I have completed little else.

Cards, packages, dog treats, Glee CDs. More cards. (PS--why is it that, even when I'm trying to be modest, we still end up sending out 50 Christmas cards?)

And the table was mocking me. My house was (and remains) a disaster.

But for some reason, all I wanted to do was watch Mitch eat his bone and throw treats around the house.

(The video below is a little slow, but features one Mitchell Pancake throwing almonds about the living room.)


So there the cards sat, mocking me. And I was having trouble getting motivated.

UNTIL. . .

I checked the mail. It was a great mail day: four Christmas cards, two packages, a new Real Simple and Food Network Magazine. And two of the Christmas cards had cash in them! Horray!

But the thing that really motivated me was this happy little tin from Caitie. . .

So I did! Inside I saw this. . .

And I laughed. I laughed even louder when I saw these. . .


So I decided to tackle this. . .

But then got distracted again by this. . .

Well, dammit. Maybe people will just get Valentine's cards.



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