15 December 2009

Shecky Update

Well, since I know you all are dying to know, I talked to Shecky earlier this evening about her Larry email situation.

On Monday, after she re-emailed him and then left him a voicemail, Larry finally called Shecky back. She decided to face her fears head on (apply directly to the forehead), and she brought up Friday's unfortunate email. Larry had:
  • forgotten about the email
  • found the email to be strange
  • thought she was making jokes that he didn't get
  • not been creeped out by the email

Shecky made up some lie (a lie she'd been working on for days; she'd even practiced it on the phone with me) about how it might have seemed like she was hitting on him, and how the email was intended for her friend Portney in the office. Oops!

He seemed to have bought her story, and was even so kind as to forward the email back to Portney, explaining how it is important for people to be very careful when communicating electronically.

I think I like Larry!

So, it's good news. Not the best news possible, because that would have been him saying, "I love you, too, Shecky! I have since the first moment we met!" and then running through a field of wildflowers to meet her.

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