12 December 2009

Talk to the Moose?

Every now and again, something will happen that will make me want to have kids. This is one of them.

I especially like the little girl who screams and, what, vibrates?, at second 20. I like to think that that was just a candid crazy kid moment and was not staged.

Also, what's with the talk to the moose part? Am I missing something?

Hopefully this song is in your head for the next 100 hours just like it's been in mine.

I love my comfy sweater! I love my comfy sweater. . .

(This post is one of the ways that I have avoided tonight's actual purpose: Operation Eliminate Clutter. I also went Mitchmas shopping but only bought things for myself, attended a Mitchmas party that I was not invited to, and stuffed my body with carbonara, even though I am already too fat to fit in a restaurant booth.)

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