21 December 2010

Christmas Card Model Dog

Here's the Christmas card that we ended up sending out.  There's a good chance you have it up on your mantle right now.  If you don't, I'd suggest printing the picture and putting it on the mantle.  I've been told that it brings good luck.  And that it'll make your whole house smell like bacon.  (Okay, so that first part was a lie.)  Oh, and, by the way, if we don't send you birthday or anniversary cards or anything like that, just remember that we covered it with the "happy everything" card back in December.

Anyway, I was pretty happy with the card, except that Mitch looked like some sort of ghost dog with rabies.  The funny thing about that was that during our little Christmas card photo shoot (thanks, Photographer Cassie!), Mitch was basically acting like a model dog.

Well, maybe not at first. . .

But then it was like he was an old Christmas card photo takin' pro.*

 Seriously, look at him.

Are you kidding me with this one? 

I really do think he's in a contest with himself to be the cutest dog on the planet.

*Which, clearly, Matt and I are not.**

**Also, it's true that Matt and I, in our very non-model way, dressed for completely different types of weather and/or parts of the earth.  It was like 65 degrees and raining, and I'd woken up that morning with poison ivy on my face.  Plus, I love winter garb.

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