27 December 2010


We had a wonderful, peaceful, gluttonous Christmas.  We slept until 12:30, opened presents (more on those later), ate lunch, chatted on the phone, went to see True Grit (seriously awesome movie--completely perfect--and this comes from the girl who hates westerns), and came home and ate an absurd amount of food.  It was one of those days that reminded me of just how much I love my simple, uncomplicated little life.

Oh yeah, and I GOT A WAFFLE CONE MAKER!  (Because I have the best mother-in-law this side of the Mississippi.) 

 Tonight I just made vanilla, but I'm thinking that there will be more flavors in the future: lemon to go with sorbet, chocolate, chocolate-dipped, chocolate-dipped with sprinkles, cinnamon and nutmeg. . .  Um. . .can I make a strawberry waffle cone?  I swear I'm not high.

And, bee-tee-dub, there's only one thing that's more exciting than homemade waffle cones--and that's. . .MINI WAFFLE CONES!

As you can tell, I'm goofy excited about this gift, and I can't wait to have people over for dinner to have a medly of mini cones.  New Year's, perhaps?

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