21 December 2010

My Sister, the Film Critic.

I actually shared this story a really long time ago, and if we're friends in real life I've probably told it to you on more than one occasion--because I just love it that much.

When Chloe was little--like 6 or so--I was home for Christmas and I took her to the movies to see Elf.  At Thanksgiving, Chloe had gone to see the critically acclaimed film, The Haunted Mansion.  When we were driving back from the movie, Chloe was pretty quiet, thinking pretty hard, and then she busted out with this:

"You know, Sissy, sometimes you think a movie is scary or funny, but really it's about love--or Christmas spirit."

The next year on Christmas Eve I was talking to her on the phone and asked her what she was doing.  She explained, in a really bored sort of way:

 "Well, I was out putting food out for Santa's reindeer, but then I thought I saw the Grim Reaper, so I came inside."

Hope your Christmas week is just dandy.  I'm off to the post office to finish off the last of my Christmas tasks.  Horray!

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