27 December 2010

Savannah Family Christmas

Cassie just wrote a post about the origins of our Savannah family, so if you're not sure who these people are or how this little family of vagabonds came to be, check it out

It was seeming like we weren't going to get to have our Savannah Family Christmas this year, so when Cassie called last week and asked it we would be up for an impromptu celebration, we were thrilled.  It was just one of those perfect visits, full of great food and laughter and just the right amount of chaos.

I just love these people. 

 Cassie got superhero capes for Iris and Opal.

 And then Iris decided that she would turn hers into a fabulous gown.

Mmmmmmm. . . 

 Big, crazy, delicious Mexican feast.

Big crazy happy family.

1 comment:

  1. Why is our family so cute? Siamese triplet houses...GO!



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