04 December 2010

Friday Night: Bright and Delicious

This time last week I was deep in a food coma, lamenting the fact that I'd have to return to work (because kids go BANANAS! during this, the holiday season*), scratching at my poison ivy, daydreaming about Cassie's Sassy, but Manly Brussels Sprouts.**  I was panicking about being behind on my Christmas tasks (even though it wasn't yet December),  irritated by our dirty floors, staring at the mountain of clean and once-folded laundry that had overtaken our bedroom.

After being in such a funk, I knew that the week ahead would be a doozy.  But wouldn't you know it, the week was pretty fantastic.  I was insanely productive at school (because of the 'roids, perhaps?), got to hang out with friends, went to bar trivia with Matt, really enjoyed my crazy students (for the most part, at least), got rid of the poison ivy, started tackling that Christmas to-do list, folded AND PUT AWAY the clothes, and discovered bacon jam.

I made the Carport Bistro look like a really fun, really white trash Christmas party spot.

 I did not, however, clean the floors.***

And last night was like the cherry on top of an already wonderful week.  We ate and drank and talked and watched recorded episodes of 30 Rock and The Office.

We made taco pizza for dinner!****
Food Network's Taco Pizza
Our taco pizza

And then I baked up a batch of Matt's favorite cookies in the wide world, the peanut butter blossom.

Is it possible that the next two weeks can be just as delightful?  Get here, December 17!

How was your week?  Do any baking?

*It should be noted that kids go BANANAS! at all times, except for the first three days of school and the days where I elect to show Gandhi in class.

**By the way, Matt and I lobbied to get Cassie to name her blog "Cassie Too Sassy," but she wisely declined.

***Because it was raining a lot, and because clean floors are overrated, and that's what flip-flops and slippers are for.  If we're being honest, they might not get cleaned until after we bring home our Christmas tree.  You know, because of all of the needles.

****Taco pizza was really good, but it was a lot of work to make something that tastes like tacos, since tacos are also really good and take a fraction of the time.  Matt and I both really enjoyed taco pizza, but I doubt that it'll be a make-again meal because it was pretty laborious.

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