28 December 2010

This and That

 I love the week between Christmas and New Year's.  I love it even more when I don't have to work.  Horray for holidays!  Here are some random musings to get you through the next few minutes, or to keep you from checking Facebook compulsively.  Be forewarned, though: you may be dumber after having read it.

1.  All I can think about lately is ice cream and waffle cones.  Yesterday I bought David Lebovitz's The Perfect Scoop, and I couldn't be more excited about learning all of the new recipes.  That man's an ice cream genius!
2.  Saw True Grit on Christmas and The King's Speech yesterday.  Both are wonderful, perfect films that I plan to watch dozens more times.  Why are the Coen brothers so good?  And why is Colin Firth so self-depricatingly dreamy? 

3.  Yesterday we went to the mall and were afraid to get out of the car because there were a bunch of birds with really sharp beaks who seemed just a little too comfortable with the idea of killing after-Christmas shoppers.

4.  If you haven't made Hugh and Cassie's David Chang brussels sprouts, you need to. 

5.  How cute is Opal?

6.   I know everyone else in the world is dealing with blizzards and all, so this probably isn't as exciting to you--but on the day after Christmas it was snowing in Savannah (you have to say that the way Michael Scott said "There's been a murder in Savannah" on The Office).  It wasn't accumulating or sticking even, but it was snow, and it was beautiful, and it felt Christmasy.

7.  Mitch has taken to sitting in Matt's recliner.  It's never not funny.

8.  And, finally, this has been my official uniform of Christmas Break 2010.  It's basically a "homeless Punky Brewster" look. When I have to go out of the house, sometimes I put on actual shoes.  But I've not removed that hoodie from my body in over eight days.  Fancy, huh?

Happy Tuesday to you!  Hope you're enjoying your week!


  1. I love the dogs in this post...especially the last 2 pictures...what happened to Mitch's face? Was he shaking his head in amusement or embarrassment? I still owe you the rest of our phone conversation...sigh...I wish I had a vacation!!!! oxoxo Love you!

  2. I love the last photo!

    Is that an apron?

  3. Dogs are the greatest. Um, I think Mitch is blurry because of two reasons:

    1. He is half ghost.
    2. I am still figuring out the perfect shutter speed/ISO for kitchen pictures that aren't grainy.

    And, Carly, yes, that is my new apron that was a day-after-Christmas gift to myself. I have a few regular-sized aprons, but think I might actually use this one more often.

  4. So I've been stalking, errrr reading your blog for a couple months already and kinda already have a girl crush on ya, the Bacon Jam put it over the top, and now that last picture totally makes me want to have you as a new best friend!!!

    Just thought you should know.

  5. I mean, freckledme, basically what you're saying is that Bacon Jam is a way to bring people together.

    And that brightly-colored oven mitts and aprons and silly poses will earn friends? Well, I'll take it!

    Thanks for reading! And thanks for the sweet comment. It made my day!

  6. awwww shucks *blushing*



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