07 December 2010

Happy, Happy

The last few days have been pretty quiet, but productive and nice.  Matt's been sick (with a cough due to cold--either that or scurvy.  I keep trying to get him to eat oranges, but he refuses), and I've been getting the house ready for the arrival of our Christmas tree (tomorrow, maybe?) and next week's house guests.

For everyone who's counting, I've got 8 more school days until Christmas break, and couldn't be more excited about it.  I'm also excited about this stuff.

1.  Christmas gifts are all wrapped.  Granted, we don't buy for all that many people (and a few things have been shipped already), but that part's done.  I can't wait to put the colorful boxes under the tree!

2.  This weird little mason jar with lights and crazy sprig things.  I love it.  It's like robot flowers.

3.  Finally got rid of our old desktop, which freed up tons of space in the office (and eliminated about 200 yards of cords that used to be a tangled mess under the desk).  By the way, if you live in Savannah, there's a group called AWOL (All Walks of Life) that accepts old electronics (working or not).  They teach kids to work on them, fix up the computers, and then donate them to families that need computers.  Hell yeah!  (Also got rid of the old elliptical machine, which means that next week's guests will actually have a little bit of space in the guest room.  Horray for the free ads on Craigslist, and for women with husbands who have trucks.)

4.  Christmas lights.  I seriously can't get enough of them.

5.  Mitchell.  Sweet face, cuddle friend, giver of kisses and eater of marshmallows.

6.  Hot chocolate.  Maybe I can't make coffee, but I make a bangin' cup of hot chocolate.  The secret?  Milk.  Water hot chocolate is gross, unless it comes from a vending machine on the JMU campus.

7.  Christmas lights again!

8.  P Cubed for dinner!  This stuff is so good I can't stand it.

9.  And, finally, my new camera should be here in the next couple of days!  [big giant stupid grin on face]
What's making you smile today?  Are your halls decked and jolly and lit and whatnot?

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