12 December 2010

New Camera!

Man oh man it's been a busy few days.  I've been so busy cleaning and decorating and baking and wreath making and phone talking and wine drinking that I've completely neglected to share the arrival of the newest member of our family with you.

Meet Whitey.

I just named him that like five seconds ago, but I think it might stick.

Whitey is my new camera, a Christmas gift from my wonderful husband, who is a poker extraordinaire.*

Here's a picture of the camera that someone else took (kind of hard to take a picture of the new camera with the camera (kind of like vacuuming the vacuum).

Isn't he beautiful? 

He's also really easy to use and takes great photos and feels great in my hands and takes HD video and is quite an upgrade from my DSLR from 2002.  Hugh recommended this camera when we were there for Thanksgiving, and as soon as I saw it I knew it was the one for me.  It also got great reviews and has great features and is a Pentax, so I will be able to buy older Pentax lenses for it. Since Whitey arrived on Thursday, I've probably taken thousands of pictures, and I'm in awe of just how easy he is to use.  I'm still figuring everything out with it, but having a blast doing it.

Here is one of my favorite shots from my favorite camera when I took it to my favorite bakery.

*We share money, and sometimes when you share money and then spend lots of it on an expensive gift for the other, it's like, "Oh, hey.  Thanks for spending all of that money I made on this thing." Anyway,  Matt has not been playing online poker and winning a lot**, and he's definitely not made enough to buy me a new camera for Christmas.

**Because it's illegal to play online poker for real money, or something like that.

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