16 December 2010

I Don't Even Know What a Lazor Cannon Is.

Found this in my classroom today.

It left me wondering where one would buy a lazor cannon.  Amazon?  Target?  Or maybe that's a Home Depot kind of purchase?  Also, if I bought the lazor cannon, would I be allowed to use it on chatty teenagers?

What do you think?


  1. What I find most interesting about this is that the student corrected "canon" with "cannon" but stuck with "lazor," a completely made up word I can only assume is meant to be "laser."

    Is the person yelling supposed to be you? Or is that the laser cannon?

    The whole thing kind of reminds me of the drawings at the end of Superbad.

  2. Hmmmmmm. I think I saw those at the teacher supply store. Yep. Definately the teacher's store.

  3. Dude, that is a SWEET ASS drawing!

    Three years ago, I would've gone to Sharper Image for my Lazor Cannon needs. Now, I just don't know.

  4. Carly, I just wish I could share all of the unintentional funny things that teenagers say. I will say that "rapping" is spelled with two p's, not one. Now that's why spelling's important. And, yes, the drawings is decidedly high school, and that makes me love it even more.

    Heather, can you send me one?

    Steve, isn't it awesome? See you Tuesday?



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