20 December 2010

I'm Now a Hipster.

You know what's awesome?  When your friend's feet grow as a result of being pregnant with her third baby.  Well, that's not awesome for her.*  But it is awesome for you when that friend used to wear the same size shoe that you do, and when she then passes funky fresh footwear your way.

 Meet my new New Balances.  (Seriously, I've been in love with the way New Balance shoes look since my freshman year of college, when they had those gray/navy shoes with the yellow N on them.  Becky had a pair and I had serious shoe envy, until I tried them on and realized that New Balance shoes didn't fit my feet right.  I have high-arched, toes-spread-out feet that prefer Nike.  And Nike shoes are not nearly as pretty to me as New Balances.**) 

I'm in love with them, and they're super comfortable, too!

Now I'm going to go start my own farm and listen to funky music and wear skinny jeans and ditch my car for a bike or roller skates or something.

*But what is awesome for her is that now she has an excuse to go buy more shoes.

**Or, as Matt explains, "quite the tale of woe."***

***This, coming from someone who claims to have had a traumatic childhood because the Buffalo Bills lost all of those Super Bowls in a row.


  1. That is an exceptionally awesome thing! It happened to me last year, and I get so many compliments on my adorable black patent ballet flats!! She gets upset when I tell her about the compliments because they were her favorite shoes. I told her she could have them back if I could keep the baby, fortunately, she let me keep the shoes!

  2. sweet kicks, what's the model number on them? Never seen them before.. Thx




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