27 June 2010

Carport of Danger

Matt's a little frustrated with my decorating choices for the carport.  See, I love paper lanterns.  But, apparently, so do bees. 

Matt keeps knocking his head on the lanterns, only to have a swarm of angry bees come after him.  (I say it's a small price to pay for carport beauty.)

And then there's our little spider buddy.

Hope that's a mosquito in there.  Matt hopes it's a bee.


  1. Two things:
    1) Spiders are good and eat only bad bugs, like monster sized mosquitos and bird-bugs (larger than life bugs that are scary to look at)
    2) Bees are being more and more endangered in our ecosystem for unknown reasons. You are merely providing them with a semi-safe haven. Not to mention all the honey that you can collect! Think of the yummy possiblities! Mandy - Teacher, baker, bee-keeper extrordinaire!

  2. That's right! We're pretty much saving the room by being hosts to bees.



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