17 June 2010

You Suck!!!

So, as you have probably already read, Mandy and I went to the Sand Gnats game on Monday night. The Sand Gnats were victorious, winning 10-4. They batted around in the first inning, scoring 5 runs, including a two-run homer from the second batter. Good times, although sweating out all of the water in my body and replacing it with dollar Natural Lights was probably not the best strategy for a great Tuesday morning.

Anyway, we sat about five rows up on the first base line. Two rows below us and a little to the left was a man who had perhaps the greatest disparity between energy level and signifigance of the event that I have ever seen. My only theory is that he recently moved from either Boston or the Bronx and had simply not adjusted his approach from a Yankees-Red Sox game in October to a single A baseball game on a Monday evening in 100 degree weather. I'm all right with that. I'm all for enthusiasm and can't falut anyone for rooting for our Savannah Sand Gnats. I even enjoy the occasional creative heckling.

But this guy was a giant douche. He would sit quietly for several seconds, maybe taking a sip of his beer, the whole time shaking with the kind of destructive energy that gets people kicked off The Real World, and then he would cup his hands around his mouth and yell something to the effect of "You walked the first guy? You suck, 34! You suck!!!." "They're warming up the bullpen, 34. It's only the first inning. You suck!!! You SUCK!!!" After about 10 minutes Mandy and I were making jokes like, "I wonder if that guy thinks the pitcher sucks? It wouldn't be so bad if he changed it up a little, showed some originality."

So the next day I went into work and the bartender said that a couple of guys from the opposing team had gone to Chili's after the game. Apparently they had been annoyed by a heckler. They said it wouldn't have been so bad if the guy had just had some originality and hadn't kept yelling the same thing. So my question to the heckler would be this. Yes, the pitcher was bad, but pitching is hard. You were terrible at heckling the pitcher, which really isn't that difficult. So, who really sucks?

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