07 June 2010

Shoe Messages

I need these, don't I?  They're all, "I'm your teacher.  Sit down.  Do your work.  Learn.  I wear tough shoes.  My shoes might as well be combat boots."

Or do I need these?

You know, sensible teacher shoes that say, "I'm sassy and fun, and I get pedicures.  But, seriously, sit down and do your work.  You're driving me BANANAS!"

That's fun. But so are these.

These are fantastic!  "Hi, I'm your new English teacher, but I moonlight as a prostitue."**  Plus, I could wear them with a suit, or with booty shorts. 

I think we've found a winner.  What do you think?

**For the record, I do not moonlight as a prostitute.  That was a joke, Grandma.

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