04 June 2010

A Remedy for Anger

Oh, what to do after an EXTREMELY frustrating and infuriating, hands-shaking-because-you're-so-mad day of work?

1.  Celebrate the fact that there are only five--yes, FIVE--more days of school until students leave.
2.  Channel that anger into vacuuming energy.
3.  Channel that anger into "cleaning the kitchen after the disastrous attempt at making Pioneer Woman's Tequila Lime Chicken" energy.  I don't know if it was the uber cheap tequila or if I'm pregnant with more Mitches (not pregnant, don't worry, universe), but as soon as I whipped the marinade together--and in the process shot rank green shit all over my kitchen--I was gagging.  Weird, huh?  I mean, it's basically a chicken marinated in a margarita.  What's not to love?  One of you should make it with good tequila and let me know how it is.  I'm  not allowed to keep good tequila in the house because I might repeat the night of thirteen limes.  More on that later.
4.  Wait until seven p.m. to drink that first glass of wine. 
5.  Wait until seven fifteen p.m. to drink that second glass of wine.
6.  Sit back, relax, watch Friday Night Lights, and revel in the fact that although I may have a suckfest of a work day here and there, at least I get to come home to these guys.

8.  Wait until seven forty-five p.m. to have that third glass.

How do you alleviate stress?

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