29 June 2010

Norpro, You Owe Me a Steak.

So, last week I decided that I needed a new meat thermometer.  We already had one that we'd registered for, but it's digital, and the battery is beginning to die, and it's hard to read.  I decided that I wanted one with a dial, because then I wouldn't have to keep replacing meat thermometers every few years.  Simple enough.

When we were downtown last week celebrating our anniversary, we stopped in this super cute little kitchen store.  Great store. Love it.  The store carried meat thermometers, so we got this one, the Norpro Instant Read Meat Thermometer.

Easy enough.

And then later that day we went to Fresh Market and spent $30 on two gigantic ribeyes (guess we should have been a little more choosy about weight), because that's our go-to celebration meal.  Mmmmmmmmm. 

Now, the steaks were enormous, so big that we only ate one that night.  It was almost like I put half a cow on a cast iron skillet (moooooooooooo!), so I knew that they'd take longer to cook than a steak that was portioned for a normal human.  We saw this as a perfect opportunity to use the new meat thermometer.

And we checked it several times and the steak was taking forever to cook.  WTF?  But we chocked that up to the steak being so big.  We never thought that our brand new pretty thermometer would be defective, or that it would say the steak was at 90 degrees when really it was at 180. 

But it was, and our steak ended up being super well done, and now Norpro owes me a $15 Hereford ribeye from Fresh Market.  Is there a number I can call to get that?

So this week I took back the thermometer and suddenly had $8 to spend in the store.  Could I have just taken the eight dollars and put it back in my wallet?  Yeah.  But then it wouldn't have been as fun, and what was I going to get with $8?  Buy gas?  Soda? 

Neither gas nor soda come close to being as fun as what I bought: awesome cookie cutters for making dog treats (or human treats, I suppose) and cat treats.  I actually bought the dinosaurs to give to Cassie, but decided to use them first before giving them to her, because that's what Emily Post says you should do.

Are you kidding me right now? 

A mouse??


And  how can I forget my old favorite, the squirrel?

Hell yeah!

But, seriously.  Norpro owes me a $15 steak.

1 comment:

  1. A. I am super excited about these cookie/dog treat cutters.
    B. I totally thought the mouse was a rabbit with a broken leg. Or, a depiction of a rabbit with its leg caught in a trap. Shoot.
    C. See you in three hours and forty five minutes!



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