12 June 2010

Whoop! Whoop!

It appears that Mitchell Pancake is just as happy as I am that today was the last day of school. 

Less happy is Reilly, who had to take a bath in the kitchen sink (A bath that was reminiscent of the one I had to give him at Hugh and Cassie's, when both Mitch and Reilly went to the back yard to pee, and Reilly stood directly under Mitch's stream of urine as he himself took a whiz.  It was hilarious and disgusting, and I wish I'd had my camera.). 

And since Reilly seems to be having some dry skin/bald patch issues, and I don't want to send him home to his mother in worse shape than we got him (but we always send him home fatter--Reills loves to lick the Le Creuset after a batch of pot roast), I thought I'd wash him up with my Dove body wash for sensitive skin.  It's been great for me, so why not for him?  (Plus, I got the okay from Reilly's mom.)  The little pup wasn't so appreciative, however.

Mitch was happy that he doesn't fit in the sink.

I'm happy because school is out.  And I remembered that 90210 (the original) airs on Soap Network on afternoons (WTF, Brandon's stalker girl Emily is a freakfest!).  And I took a 4-hour nap.  And then we went to dinner at Blowin' Smoke.  And then we came home and watched Friday Night Lights and I cried, because that's what I do when I watch Friday Night Lights.

And now Mitch is chasing his tail.  I think he's bragging.  "Hey, Reilly.  See my tail?  It's so great.  I mean, I can chase it and bite it and everything.  It's too bad you only have that nub.  Want me to pee on you again?"

And now Mitch is attacking Matt with with elbow kisses.

And now I need to get another glass of wine.

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